Voice Teacher for Amateurs and Professionals



There are free lessons and scholarships available at all levels of development, with numerous discounts to fit your specific schedule and budget. The first lesson is only 20 Euro, so you can easily find out more.

Vocal Studio at Josephsplatz
Hiltenspergerstrasse 9
80798 München


Simply write me an email to make your first free appointment as it is difficult for me to receive phone calls during lessons.



1. Nerves?

People are always very nervous even at the thought of a first voice lesson. You are not alone. The voice is an intensely personal area of one’s body and psyche. Therefore, the first lesson is a no-pressure, fun, get-to-know-you, chat, sip on a glass of water, then funny, easy vocal noises, all designed to tell me how to proceed with you. One need not worry about anything or prepare anything. No sweat! If you are very nervous, simply mention it, and one of the other students who was also extremely nervous in the beginning will be delighted to tell you about their first sessions. You will be surprised by how smoothly it will go. Consider this first session a gift to yourself!

2. Lofty Expectations?

The only one coming into a lesson with expectations is you. In general, students are extremely harsh on themselves. However, whatever you bring to the table on day 1 is your starting point, and there is no judgement or expectation for any sounds on day one, or ever. Mistakes and funky noises are where the learning happens. So, embrace yourself, have fun, and make lots of mistakes! This studio is a safe, vocal playground for you to learn through healthy experimentation. Every sound is welcome.

3. A Stuffy Teacher?

Several of my students come in having had negative experiences with rejection from other teachers or music programs. Rejection is not something that happens in this studio. Rather, this is where one takes a personal journey and invests in oneself, no more, no less. We hold the firm belief that absolutely anyone can sing, given the right guidance and enthusiasm. Tone-deafness is a myth.

More About Robert

In addition to teaching professional singers of every variety, Gardner has an affinity for the “glorious amateur” singer, whose inner sense of childlike discovery can be awakened. His vocal exercises bring singers of all ages and genres into a true understanding of breathing, healthy singing technique, and nuanced musicianship while maintaining a fun and inspiring atmosphere. He has taught professionals and amateurs, not only in Classical, Operatic and Choral styles, but also in Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Bossa Nova at the professional and amateur level. He has taught proper vocal warm-ups, body movement, projection and dramatic inflection for narrators, voice-over professionals, public speakers and clergy.

All are welcome in his voice studio, as every story is met with real understanding and a tailor-made action plan to achieve each personal goal through healthy vocal pedagogy and commanding physical presence. Robert enjoys teaching his students in two locations in Munich, one near the city center, and the other at Josephsplatz in Schwabing.