New Compositions

Robert is continually seeking new material to bring into his concert, recital, or chamber music repertoire. All new scores, especially email-ready .PDF files, are eagerly welcomed. Recordings are also helpful and might expedite consideration. Composers seeking to write for his instrument are encouraged to request the password to his private listening library to gain a more intimate sense of his instrument after establishing mutual interest in a project. Simply contact through this site or through other social media. Accounts with Google Drive, Dropbox, or even an FTP transfer client like Filezilla can be helpful.

The vocal instrument can be a tricky, even treacherous instrument for which not all composers are comfortable writing, with its various sets of ranges, passaggios and break-notes. Robert is also delighted to have dialogues about the intricate registers of his and other voice parts to help aid the creation process.

In addition to his own solo work, he has also hosted choral workshops for composers seeking to gain more vocal, textural and even extended-technique experience for unfinished pieces.