Teacher and Clinician


“Robert’s teaching is the ideal balance of sound pedagogy and real-life experience. His high pedigree of education combines with his years of performance experience at the highest echelons of the art form to provide students with a comprehensive, dynamic, and soundly realistic perspective on making a career of art. Mr. Gardner supports without coddling, he disciplines without discouraging, and he guides without stifling. His deep devotion to his work and to the individual is apparent in his unwavering commitment to those under his tutelage.” -K.S., Mezzo-Soprano

“He can bring out a most persuasive sound in any singer, from amateur to professional. He has an all-inclusive, amicable and jovial approach to music making that makes it fun for everyone, while at the same time expecting the utmost professionalism. This is a highly difficult balance to achieve, but Gardner does it with aplomb.” -D.H. Conductor and Professor

“Each student’s performance posed different teaching challenges. Mr. Gardner quickly identified one or two areas to address for each, and combined technical and expressive teaching in very creative (and sometimes entertaining) exercises, seemingly created on the fly. His rapport with the class was genuine. His own selfless approach to music was contagious, stripping away students’ self-consciousness as they worked. Not only his expertise, but also his sensitivities were much appreciated. Mr. Gardner was at once frank, analytical, supportive, nurturing, and inspiring to the students. Each improved their own performance on the spot. Mr. Gardner is clearly a natural teacher whose gifts in that direction rival his accomplishments as a performer.” -J.B. Professor and Composer

Robert Gardner is a masterful teacher, equally comfortable in choral or vocal masterclasses as in the private studio. His techniques are soundly based on the beautiful Bel Canto style taught by his teachers at Yale, Doris Yarick-Cross and Richard Cross, having studied with them for thirteen years, and based on the musical education given him by his grandfather (see Conductor) in addition to his years of experience as a singing actor and concert presenter. His students have been heard on several top opera stages, have won many competitions, and have excelled at several of the most prestigious university and young artist programs for singers. He has been artist-faculty at Music@Menlo, and masterclass instructor for University of Colorado, Indiana University, and University of Denver, as well as a visiting artist for area schools in conjunction with singing engagements.

That being said, Gardner also has an affinity for the “glorious amateur” singer, whose inner sense of childlike discovery can be awakened. His vocal exercises bring singers of all ages and genres into a true understanding of breathing, healthy singing technique, and nuanced musicianship while maintaining a fun and inspiring atmosphere. He has taught professionals and amateurs, not only in Classical, Operatic and Choral styles, but also in Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Rock, and has even helped singers who simply seek to improve their presence while singing Karaoke with friends. He has taught proper vocal warm-ups, body movement, projection and dramatic inflection for narrators, voice-over professionals, public speakers and clergy, including the extremely talented and inspired Rev. Dr. Stephen Bauman in New York.

All are welcome in his voice studio, as every story is met with real understanding and a tailor-made action plan to achieve each personal goal through healthy vocal pedagogy and commanding physical presence. Robert enjoys teaching his students in two locations in Munich, one near the city center, and the other in Schwabing.